Everything related to DevOps and the cloud.

Microsoft Azure – Explore Alerts

Azure Alerts is an essential monitoring tool for your Azure workloads. In this blog post we will cover the fundamentals of Azure Alerts along with an end to end automated deployment.

Amazon Web Services – Host Hugo Static Website on S3 and CloudFront

This post will cover the full process end to end to get your Hugo static website hosted on S3 and CloudFront. This post will cover the certificate generation process and the automated deployment of your website using CI/CD from GitLab.

Azure Pipelines – Route Table Creation

We will setup an Azure DevOps pipeline that runs on a schedule. The pipeline will execute a PowerShell script that looks for the latest ServiceTags file from Microsoft. The script will create a new Route Table and apply it to subnets specified.

Azure Pipelines – Network Security Group Backup

In some cases it could make sense to use some automated mechanism to export the NSGs on a regular basis for tracking/backup purposes. This blog will show you how to perform such a task.

Azure Classic Pipelines – IIS Deployments Using Deployment Groups

In this post we will walk through an automated Internet Information Services (IIS) deployment using Deployment Groups in Azure DevOps.