Everything related to DevOps and the cloud.

Azure Pipelines – Network Security Group Backup

In some cases it could make sense to use some automated mechanism to export the NSGs on a regular basis for tracking/backup purposes. This blog will show you how to perform such a task.

Microsoft Azure – Deploy Resource Locks Using Policy

In this post we'll cover the automated creation of resource locks for specific resources using Azure Policy.

Microsoft Azure – Explore Policy

Azure Policy keeps track of compliance for your Azure resources based on policy definitions you assign. In this blog post we will cover the fundamentals.

Microsoft Azure – Application Security Groups

Application Security Groups (ASG) provide a mechanism to simplify networking rules of your Virtual Machines (VM) by logically grouping them rather than managing them using their explicit IP addresses and subnets.

Azure DevOps – Pipeline Security Tools (DevSecOps)

With everyone moving to a DevOps and Agile mentality, it is more important then ever to implement security checks and scans into your DevOps pipelines. In this post I will go through several tools and scenarios which I have tested and used.