Everything related to DevOps and the cloud.

Azure Pipelines – IIS Deployments Using Environments

In this post we will walk through an automated Internet Information Services (IIS) deployment using Environments in Azure DevOps.

Microsoft Azure – Deploy Resource Locks Using Policy

In this post we'll cover the automated creation of resource locks for specific resources using Azure Policy.

Amazon Web Services – Static Website Hosting on S3 and CloudFront

This post will cover the full process end to end to get your static website hosted on S3 and CloudFront. This post will cover the certificate generation process and the automated deployment of your website using CI/CD from GitLab.

Microsoft Azure – Explore Policy

Azure Policy keeps track of compliance for your Azure resources based on policy definitions you assign. In this blog post we will cover the fundamentals.

Azure DevOps – Pipeline Security Tools (DevSecOps)

With everyone moving to a DevOps and Agile mentality, it is more important then ever to implement security checks and scans into your DevOps pipelines. In this post I will go through several tools and scenarios which I have tested and used.